The new bottom line.

Curtis Childs

  What’s the purpose in business? Does it matter? What should the “bottom line” really be? A look at our modern corporate culture in the light of basic compassion and Emanuel Swedenborg’s assertions about business ethics. Another brief video from Curtis Childs by offTheLeftEye – this one is a little different!

How Do You Know God’s Not In a Tree?

From offTheLeftEye

I know a lot about the complexity of a tree; its biology, evolutionary position and physical make up. Everything that science is saying about trees is true but where is the logic that says “since I know a lot about a tree, I know everything about that thing?” Another entertaining video from offTheLeftEye  

Why are there so many religions?


There are many religions. If there really is a God, shouldn’t there just be one religion? Like the right one? Are all these conflicting faiths and world views evidence that there is no omnipotent being running quality control? Why are there so many religions? Another interesting short video from offTheLeftEye  

What Are Heaven and Hell?

heaven and hell

Are Heaven and Hell real places? Are they states of mind? Are they just fabrications created by religious organizations? This is Emanuel Swedenborg’s take on it from offTheLeftEye Most of the material for this video was pulled from his book Heaven and Hell. You can download it for free here if you want more context … Continue reading What Are Heaven and Hell?

Are you asking the right questions?

Spiritual healing

So there might be some questions that don’t seem to get the answer you want. Why aren’t you giving me better stuff? Why don’t you give me what I want? Why aren’t you making my life easier? But how is this helping you grow? Find out more by watching this eye catching and attractive short … Continue reading Are you asking the right questions?

Let’s play ‘What if…?’


Hey let’s play ‘What if..?’ You might say that’s a stupid thing for adults to do but then if you are clicking on internet videos perhaps you’ve got a little time to kill. I’ll go first. What if love grew? What if altruism seeded and took the steering wheel in people’s minds? All of human … Continue reading Let’s play ‘What if…?’