Israeli-Palestinian conflict – Ethics?

Israeli-Palestinian conflict

By Stephen Russell-Lacy. We all know there is mutual resentment and antagonism in the Middle East. Rhetoric on both sides of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is incredibly heated. All involved in the region have been subject to the horror of dreadful actions. Feelings of protest, anger and fear have often got out of hand. When shouting … Continue reading Israeli-Palestinian conflict – Ethics?

The new bottom line.

Curtis Childs

  What’s the purpose in business? Does it matter? What should the “bottom line” really be? A look at our modern corporate culture in the light of basic compassion and Emanuel Swedenborg’s assertions about business ethics. Another brief video from Curtis Childs by offTheLeftEye – this one is a little different!

Syria – What ethical principles apply?


It is now clear that in Syria the Assad regime has employed nerve gas against the civilian population and has committed other atrocities in its willingness to pursue a civil war. For example it is documented that government forces last year went into villages and conducted wholesale slaughter. In Syria the human misery is intense … Continue reading Syria – What ethical principles apply?

Saying sorry — when should I do this?

Saying sorry

You can hear people saying sorry at funny times. I thoughtlessly knocked into someone in the supermarket the other day and she apologised to me even though it wasn’t her fault! Actually, I have noticed that British people do tend to say sorry over the least thing. It seems to be an unthinking response in … Continue reading Saying sorry — when should I do this?

How good a parent am I?


Many a parent wonders how good they are at the job. According to the Chief Inspector of Schools, David Bell, many parents fail to impose proper discipline in the home and simply put children in front of the television rather than talk and play with them. Many studies have described a bad parent as being … Continue reading How good a parent am I?

Is free-market capitalism unethical?

Free-market capitalism

When things go badly wrong in the world of commerce, we ask about the ethics of free-market capitalism. Dangerous cracks had been spotted in the walls of the Rana Plaza building. This is a factory complex in Bangladesh. However, managers have ordered staff to continue working making clothes for lucrative export to the West. Now … Continue reading Is free-market capitalism unethical?

How positive are the press?

ethics of journalism

Do you feel fed up by all the negative news reporting you hear through the media? Martyn Lewis (former BBC news presenter), says that constantly covering bad news is lazy journalism and amounts to ignoring the good things that happen around us on a regular basis. This is not an attempt to discredit or argue … Continue reading How positive are the press?

Prolonging life — How far should we go?

Prolonging life

When you are young prolonging life seems a great idea. But when you get old things seem a bit different. Emily aged 85 went into hospital. Her home is a nursing care home. She cannot support her own weight and needs a hoist and wheelchair to get her to the toilet and dining room. She … Continue reading Prolonging life — How far should we go?