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Spiritual questionsOur own sense of happiness and meaning of life has a Christ-centered perspective drawing on the spiritual experiences of  Emanuel Swedenborg and linking in with thinkers in psychology, mysticism, and healing of the spirit.

Stephen Russell-Lacy

Editor and Contributor Stephen Russell-Lacy has tried to combine three things in his working life. First there is his profession of clinical psychology. He worked for many years as a psychotherapist with people experiencing emotional distress and training others in this activity. Second is his study of the fields of transpersonal psychology and the psychology of religion. And third is his involvement in teaching of the spiritual philosophy of Emanual Swedenborg. He currently is a tutor at the Swedenborg Open Learning Centre in Manchester England and runs residential workshops at the Purley Chase Spiritual Conference Centre. He lives in a woodland cottage in Staffordshire with his wife Carole and one cat.

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Helen Newton has a passion for helping people connect to their soul; their highest perfection and as such runs workshops, retreats and produces spiritual resources. She has co-authored a beautiful book Soul Symbols illustrating the correspondence of nature with spirit. A life-long student of the ideas found in the books of Emanuel Swedenborg, Helen has been married for over 30 years, has three children and lives on a mountain in North Wales.

Helen Brown is an experienced Jungian therapist, and likes to work with people in a creative, holistic way. She works freelance, facilitating groups and workshops and is interested in promoting personal and spiritual growth. She has written a short course entitled ‘Nurturing the Soul’ and offers spiritual counselling and spiritual direction to people across all belief systems.

Jack Dunnion With hind sight Jack feels he was fortunate not to have acquired an education in the normal way and came through the “University of Life” before being educated in Social Care. To use a metaphor he soon realised that many could bail out the sinking boat of society but few could patch the hole in the bottom. This led him to become a minister in the New Jerusalem Church (Swedenborgian).

Carole Lacy Carole trained as a sculptor following her visual arts education and has run a business selling her figurative fountain designs all over the UK and abroad.  She is interested in sharing her appreciation of universal spiritual principles.

G. Roland Smith Roland studied at the Southend School of Art. His more original works have been exhibited in several London galleries and published by Athena Reproductions. He has written books on crafts and on religion.

Anita Turner Anita lives in Whitefield near Manchester. She hopes that her inspirational writing may be of help to the reader. They are given with Love, Light and blessings.

David Lomax



Geoffrey Bentley

Edmund Preston Edmund Marshall Preston is 65 and a retired counsellor. Also in his early life he has been a lighting designer for both Stage and Opera productions. He writes poetry because, often it is a way of discharging stress and anxieties. Also he finds it a good way of keeping open the channels to the world of nature, dreams and the spirit. Hopefully in two directions, and of course of celebrating life’s joy.

Clifford Curry Having a wide spiritual interest, Clifford believes that God’s love transcends traditions boundaries of creed and culture as Christ himself did. He endeavors to share his faith in an uplifting and non-judgmental way.

Michael Lewin

Michael Stanley

Christine Bank Christine is a minister of the New Church (Swedenborgian) working in Yorkshire. She has a lifelong interest in Swedenborg’s writings and sees their uses and application in everyday life for herself and as something to share with others.

Lee Differ



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