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Spiritual questions

Please send your articles to the editor.

We are looking for material from those who have a Christ-centered inspiration and find the writings of Emanuel Swedenborg illuminating. We also would like writers to bring in compatible and contrasting ideas of other thinkers: to address critical thinking and the contemporary world. You are encouraged to contribute material that harmonise with the ethical and mystical sides of the world’s religions.

Examples of such ideas are to do with human nature, spiritual inflow into our unconscious mind, inner freedom of thought and choice, the source of spiritual life, and evidence of divine working.

Our audience are spiritual seekers. We assume no belief of the reader in religion. And so we would prefer material to be audience-centered rather than teaching-centered. Readers are likely to be interested in personal matters like health, healing, well-being and change.

The material we publish could be in the form of an essay, book review, practical how to article, letter, blog, poem, news story, interview, book excerpt, etc. Either a personal subjective stance or a less personal objective stance is okay. Pictures of all sorts are welcome as long as copyright is not infringed by their publication.

In so many cases ‘less is more’ so articles might be about 600-900 words but there are no hard and fast rules about this and it will depend on the form of the contribution.


1.      Do not use discriminating words such as ‘he’ or ‘she’, ‘his’ or ‘her’ where gender is irrelevant. Gender inclusive language is a must these days.

2.      Avoid using traditional religious language and jargon (no matter one’s own conventional way of speaking)

3.      Do not present personal beliefs as fact.

4.      Never tell the reader what to think or do (however inspirational one wishes to be). Pointing out consequences is a more acceptable way of getting the same message across.

5.      Do not claim any absolute answers in a doctrinaire way (however certain one feels).  The reader is looking for guidance to steer a course between those who claim to have absolute answers and those for whom any answer will do. Seekers after the spiritual dimension to life will not tolerate being told what to think about what is true but prefer to make up their own minds about what is good and useful.

Instead offer what is spiritual and it will be welcomed as your gift by the reader seeking inner life.