Even a child can help save lives.

Matteus Guidon story

During the second world war, a seven year old boy helped dozens of Jews escape the Nazis. The Sunday Times newspaper reported that Matteus Guidon’s father, a pastor, would take his son out of school and get him to lead Jewish fugitives across the 9,400 ft Fuorcia pass to his grandfather’s house up in the … Continue reading Even a child can help save lives.

A great effort

Isla Cecil

A little girl died aged 15 months last November from an aggressive form of cancer. You might think that would make Isla Cecil’s parents become negative and lose heart and energy. Not so Mikey and Anna who have since raised £500,000 for research into high-risk childhood tumours. They did it by organising fêtes, marathons, and … Continue reading A great effort

Can we learn from our kids?

English teenagers

English young people aged between 11 and 15 years of age are turning away from bad habits of their forebears. Dramatic data from the Office for National Statistics suggest that the smoking ban and other public health measures have been working. The percentage of this age group trying alcohol fell from 61% in 2003 to … Continue reading Can we learn from our kids?

Working mothers torn between home and work. What choice to make?

Working mothers

Many working mothers feel torn between staying at home to look after the children and going out to work to earn needed money. With the high cost of housing in the UK, being ‘a stay-at-home mum’ is often not an option. Yet such working mothers may feel guilty about not being around for their children … Continue reading Working mothers torn between home and work. What choice to make?

How good a parent am I?


Many a parent wonders how good they are at the job. According to the Chief Inspector of Schools, David Bell, many parents fail to impose proper discipline in the home and simply put children in front of the television rather than talk and play with them. Many studies have described a bad parent as being … Continue reading How good a parent am I?

Aid working for children

Child deaths across the world have nearly halved in the last twenty years. So says a new report from Unicef a part of the United Nations. The dreadful figure of 12 million under fives who died in 1990 was reduced to 7 million last year. Sadly rates remain high in Saharan north Africa where one … Continue reading Aid working for children

Stella English

  Stella is known as a winner of BBC tv’s The Apprentice Her childhood was a painful one. “It was quite a lonely hard time for me.” Her father had abandoned her at a young age, leaving her mother Drusilla unable to care for her due to psychological ill-health. It wasn’t deliberate neglect. Her mother couldn’t … Continue reading Stella English