Promises – Is it okay to break them?


By Stephen Russell-Lacy. In politics people don’t always keep their promises. In the 2010 election to the House of Commons, all the Liberal Democrat Party candidates took a pledge to oppose any increase in university tuition fees and to campaign for their abolition. However, after forming a coalition government with the Conservatives, 21 of 57 … Continue reading Promises – Is it okay to break them?

Unconditional love – Can it exist and if so is it desirable?

unconditional love

The idea of unconditional love sounds like caring for someone regardless of what might be in it for you. In other words loving others more than oneself.  Giving generously with no conditions attached. But is this attitude possible? Can unconditional love exist? And if so is it desirable? Science Science can’t fathom any such concept … Continue reading Unconditional love – Can it exist and if so is it desirable?

Hypocrite – Does it matter if I am one?


People are quick to notice when there is any inconsistency between what we say and what we do. For example if you are nice to someone but nasty about them when they are not there. The danger then is of people seeing you as two-faced. I’m sure there is more risk of being thought of as … Continue reading Hypocrite – Does it matter if I am one?

A happy coincidence?


My daughter is getting married in two days time so I couldn’t resist posting this piece about a lost wedding dress that I read about today in ‘The Week’ magazine. A bride-to-be in Tacoma, America was in tears when she phoned the police to report that her wedding dress had been stolen just hours before … Continue reading A happy coincidence?

Saying sorry — when should I do this?

Saying sorry

You can hear people saying sorry at funny times. I thoughtlessly knocked into someone in the supermarket the other day and she apologised to me even though it wasn’t her fault! Actually, I have noticed that British people do tend to say sorry over the least thing. It seems to be an unthinking response in … Continue reading Saying sorry — when should I do this?

Quo Vadis

Recently some friends of mine took a four day trip to Paris to mark their 28th wedding anniversary. So far so normal, but they both have iPhones and one has an iPad and this resulted in their being able to share their trip with all their friend’s real and unreal on Face Book. Every few … Continue reading Quo Vadis

Just how tolerant should I try to be?


The British live in a curiously tolerant country – one which allows a range of values, views about life, and philosophical and political beliefs. But one thing for which people are not tolerant is intolerance! The public see anyone as discriminatory, moralistic and rejecting who shows intolerance of diversity.   And so to criticise the sex … Continue reading Just how tolerant should I try to be?

Look after yourself & others – How to do both?

Look after who?

By Stephen Russell-Lacy. We don’t choose our neighbours, nor our bosses and work-mates, not even our relatives. Sometimes these people are uncomfortable to live with, difficult to talk to, or they oppose our hopes and aspirations. How do you look after your own needs whilst dealing fairly with these people? How do you deal with … Continue reading Look after yourself & others – How to do both?

Do I get my way too often?

get my way

Okay so you seldom shout at your teenage son to keep his bedroom tidy. In fact you don’t voice explosive anger, never mind verbal abuse or a threat of violence to get your own way. But perhaps without even realising it, do you sometimes use less obvious methods of manipulation?

Do your attempts at influencing others amount to trying to make them think, act, or feel the way you do? How do you assess the way you manage other people in your life? Do you get your own way too often?