Stephen Russell-Lacy

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Stephen Russell-Lacy

“I have tried to combine 3 things in my working life.

First there is my profession of clinical psychology which I practised full time for 30 years after qualification. I worked within the British National Health Service as a psychological therapist with adults who were experiencing emotional distress and disturbance. I managed a team of psychologists and counsellors. I trained doctoral students from the University of Birmingham.

Second is my study and involvement in the fields of transpersonal psychology and the psychology of religion.

And third is my activity exploring and teaching the psycho-spiritual system of ideas of philosopher Emanuel Swedenborg.”

Stephen Russell-Lacy B.Sc.(Hons), Dip.Clin.Pysch. is currently a tutor and course writer at the Swedenborg Open Learning Centre in Manchester and give talks at the Purley Chase Spiritual Conference Centre in Warwickshire. Both centres are in England.

He is also the main author for the Spiritual Questions & Answers website.

His book Heart, Head & Hands ISBN 978 0 907295 36 5 is an interpretation of Swedenborg’s writings in relation to psychological and spiritual well-being and is available as a book and e-book here on

He graduated in psychology at the University of Wales and has a diploma in clinical psychology from the British Psychological Society.