The new bottom line.

Curtis Childs

  What’s the purpose in business? Does it matter? What should the “bottom line” really be? A look at our modern corporate culture in the light of basic compassion and Emanuel Swedenborg’s assertions about business ethics. Another brief video from Curtis Childs by offTheLeftEye – this one is a little different!

Business ethics: How to judge the boss?

business ethics

Two major areas of public concern in Britain are executive pay and corporate tax avoidance. The first of these sometimes relates to high bonuses paid to managers who may be following bad business ethics. One example of this relates to mis-selling of financial products. Often bank customers do not need insurance and other financial products … Continue reading Business ethics: How to judge the boss?

Working mothers torn between home and work. What choice to make?

Working mothers

Many working mothers feel torn between staying at home to look after the children and going out to work to earn needed money. With the high cost of housing in the UK, being ‘a stay-at-home mum’ is often not an option. Yet such working mothers may feel guilty about not being around for their children … Continue reading Working mothers torn between home and work. What choice to make?

Ethical parking control?

Want to do what you think is right despite what your boss tells you? Are you willing to risk losing your job for your principles? Traffic warden Hakim Berkani tried to issue parking tickets in London’s Kensington and Chelsea only as a last resort. He was sacked for not complying with a secret quota system for … Continue reading Ethical parking control?