The new bottom line.

Curtis Childs

  What’s the purpose in business? Does it matter? What should the “bottom line” really be? A look at our modern corporate culture in the light of basic compassion and Emanuel Swedenborg’s assertions about business ethics. Another brief video from Curtis Childs by offTheLeftEye – this one is a little different!

Let’s play ‘What if…?’


Hey let’s play ‘What if..?’ You might say that’s a stupid thing for adults to do but then if you are clicking on internet videos perhaps you’ve got a little time to kill. I’ll go first. What if love grew? What if altruism seeded and took the steering wheel in people’s minds? All of human … Continue reading Let’s play ‘What if…?’

Aren’t Bible stories irrelevant today?

This entertaining video is a bit different. It shows how the Old Testament Joseph and his brothers can actually influence our own everyday choices! We can hear what the Joseph story can say to us. It seems who the brothers personify are not just of interest to children but to all age groups. [youtube_sc url=] … Continue reading Aren’t Bible stories irrelevant today?

Your brain is spamming you

‘My feet look stupid’. You just had a thought. You had a message in your head. No big deal we get messages all the time. How do we survive all these message? Easy – by filtering. Another watch-able video from OffThe LeftEye. [youtube_sc url=]