Music – A higher revelation


“ Music is a higher revelation than all wisdom and philosophy.” (Beethoven) Music has always been important to me, something I’ve valued beyond words because words could never express my feelings adequately enough. Whether classical or jazz whether gospel or blues, music has always been with me to celebrate and inform my journey through this life. … Continue reading Music – A higher revelation

Abstract Art – Can It Evoke The Spiritual?

abstract art

Traditionally, a sense of the spiritual has been evoked in the depiction of religious themes. For example the humanity of the divine shown in Christian pictures of Christ on the Cross, the image of meditation expressed in Buddhist images of the Buddha, and the ideal of order shown in Islamic decorative art-work using repeated geometrical … Continue reading Abstract Art – Can It Evoke The Spiritual?

Inside Out – Entertainment That Teaches?

inside out

Inside Out is a Disney-Pixar animated film which successfully uses graphics and humour to show what is going on inside someone’s head. This promises to be an entertaining way to teach emotional intelligence. General scenario of Inside Out Growing up can be a difficult time. This is true for 11-year-old Riley. Her father starts a … Continue reading Inside Out – Entertainment That Teaches?

Demons – need I be wary of them?


Lilith is an attractive figure. She is also a fictional entity in the American drama and horror television series Supernatural. The show features two brothers Sam and Dean who travel across the country in a black 1967 Chevrolet to hunt demons, supernatural creatures, and other paranormal entities, many of them based on folklore, myths, and … Continue reading Demons – need I be wary of them?

How to talk to children about spiritual matters?

roaring lion

Children love stories. David the shepherd When young David offered to fight the giant Goliath he said to King Saul that he was always able to protect his sheep by fighting lions and bears. He said that he caught the lion by its beard and struck and killed it. David trusted his God to deliver … Continue reading How to talk to children about spiritual matters?

Denise Levertov: The Stream & the Sapphire.

Denise Levertov

Denise Levertov wrote many poems with spiritual themes throughout her career. For example respect for nature and life, nothingness and absence, and despair with the world. There were also positive ideas and images about peace in death, wandering search, gratitude to give, wonder at mystery, and dance of delight. It is as if she had … Continue reading Denise Levertov: The Stream & the Sapphire.

A Christmas Carol

Christmas carol

Running to the window, he opened it, and put out his head. No fog, no mist; clear, bright, jovial, stirring, cold; cold, piping for the blood to dance to; Golden sunlight; Heavenly sky; sweet fresh air; merry bells. Oh, glorious! Glorious! “What’s to-day!” cried Scrooge, calling downward to a boy in Sunday clothes, who perhaps … Continue reading A Christmas Carol