Screening – What beliefs affect attending?


Health screening programmes are becoming increasingly popular since early intervention has a better chance of success than when trying to cure a chronic condition. Many people in the UK who have nothing wrong with them are offered free health screening. Two examples are a test for bowel cancer and one for an abdominal aortic aneurysm. … Continue reading Screening – What beliefs affect attending?

Suicide – can it be a rational option?


It is not uncommon for people with only a mild degree of depression to have thoughts of suicide. Although the majority take this no further, the process of thinking about harming oneself may make one more vulnerable to actually doing so. Suicide of Gary Speed From time to time, you might secretly wonder if ending … Continue reading Suicide – can it be a rational option?

Nature — How should we value it?


People need to economically make use of the world of nature by hunting for fish, growing crops, felling trees, and quarrying and mining for minerals etc. Humanity cannot survive unless food is eaten and shelter is built. Yet, in recent decades we have come to realise the insidious damage to ecosystems due to industrialisation, extraction … Continue reading Nature — How should we value it?

Prolonging life — How far should we go?

Prolonging life

When you are young prolonging life seems a great idea. But when you get old things seem a bit different. Emily aged 85 went into hospital. Her home is a nursing care home. She cannot support her own weight and needs a hoist and wheelchair to get her to the toilet and dining room. She … Continue reading Prolonging life — How far should we go?

Saving lives

How can you spend your spare time doing something useful? Renato Grbic is a burley tattooed restaurant owner. Fifteen years ago he was fishing in the river Danube when he saw a body fall into the river from the nearby Pancevo bridge in Belgrade. He helped the man to safety and decided then and there … Continue reading Saving lives

Euthanasia – good or bad?


The question of euthanasia is a political one. Some religious people condemn euthanasia as wrong. However, many reach no final conclusion although seeing several relevant spiritual perspectives. Has one the right to live and thus the right to die. Should the individual choice of those who want assisted suicide be respected? Should one be allowed to die to escape intolerable pain and loss of independence? Is there any point in keeping someone alive past the point he or she can contribute to society?