A happy coincidence?


My daughter is getting married in two days time so I couldn’t resist posting this piece about a lost wedding dress that I read about today in ‘The Week’ magazine.

A bride-to-be in Tacoma, America was in tears when she phoned the police to report that her wedding dress had been stolen just hours before the service. Amanda, the bride said the dress was worth $6,000 and was handed down to her by her cousin.

Someone named Candice answered the call. She immediately sent a patrolman. Not only that she also sent round her own wedding dress in case the original couldn’t be recovered. It turned out that Candice’s dress, which she had worn 18 months earlier, was not only the same size as the bride’s, but had been bought from the same shop, in Washington State.

The dress fitted perfectly, and the bride later told Candice via text message that the wedding had ‘gone off without a hitch’.

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