How does control of breathing help with meditation?

Control of breathing

Control of breathing is related to meditation. When you are meditating you very probably have great difficulty attending just to one thing. The mind wanders off and it takes great practice to stay focused. You are distracted by extraneous sounds, random thoughts, an itch, a worry. The original centre of attention disappears several times. You … Continue reading How does control of breathing help with meditation?

Dream sleep — How to understand it?


People have random eye movements under closed eyelids (REM) from time to time when they are asleep and if wakened at these times they report  dreaming. In this way sleep researchers found that most people dream for about a fifth of their sleeping time. A person of age seventy-five will not only have  slept twenty-five … Continue reading Dream sleep — How to understand it?

Hearing voices in the head – Are they real?

hearing voices

One well know example of some hearing voices is Joe Simpson. Whilst climbing on the West Face of Siula Grande in the Peruvian Andes, Simpson fell from high up on the mountain and was left for dead. Frostbitten and slowly freezing to death he recovered consciousness to realize he had a broken leg throbbing with … Continue reading Hearing voices in the head – Are they real?

Volunteering – Could Cameron’s ‘big society’ work?


David Cameron’s ‘big society’ has caused a lot of comment. Unpaid jobs don’t pay the rent/mortgage or bring food on the table. In this day and age people are obliged to work long hours and have busy lives. An ethical perspective maintains that people should do things for others as well as for self.

But being useful is also a way of self-improvement. With less time to dwell on self we can find unsuspected energy from people around us. This method of spiritual growth involves focusing of what is needed and getting on and doing it.