Stillness – How to find it?

Beset with countless challenges and tasks we find stillness in the mind not something that comes readily. However just taking 2 minutes to complete a brief guided visualisation can make some difference.

Pretend to yourself that around you is a white sandy beach. It is early in the morning and you can see the sun rising slowly.

You just about notice its warm rays. You are feeling comfortable and pleased.

A gentle breeze strokes your face.

As the boat drifts it rocks gently in the water and this motion has a calming effect.

The sun is burning off the remaining mist as it rises into the sky.

You can clearly see around you in all directions.

You can see a small island in front.

The boat glides closer and closer.

There are tropical palm trees

The boat eventually comes to rest on the shore.

The place is bathed in clear sun light and is very beautiful

Here you have escaped from all memories, all concerns about the future and are free from your cares and burdens.

This is a place of total peace, and it is all yours.

You feel time no longer exists.  You enjoy this experience of stillness.

When thoughts arise, you can easily let them go as you focus your awareness on the sound of the waves and the breeze.

When it’s time to return you will find your way home.

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