God and the Trick Cyclist

God & trick cyclist

Workshop Thurs 22nd May 2014 1pm – 4pm Swedenborg Open Learning Centre, Radcliffe, Manchester. God’s aim is our spiritual healing and growth. This would enable us to transcend such uncomfortable feelings as worry and guilt and find heavenly states of peacefulness, contentment and joy. For this we need spiritual learning. Swedenborg’s spiritual insights provide a … Continue reading God and the Trick Cyclist

Gems Workshop: Soul Symbols in Nature

soulsymbols in nature

Swedenborg Open Learning Centre, Thurs 20th February 2014 1pm – 4pm 25 Radcliffe New Road, Radcliffe, Manchester M26 1LE To see the world in a grain of sand, and to see heaven in a wild flower. William Blake Are you ever moved by the beauty of a flower or feel in awe of the grandeur … Continue reading Gems Workshop: Soul Symbols in Nature

New Appointments at SOLCe


We at SOLCe are delighted about the appointment of Helen Brown as Leader of Education.   We value highly the personal qualities and skills which she brings to SOLCe.  Helen’s role most closely relates to the traditional role of Principal.  She will be employed for 15 hours per week and will need to focus her attention … Continue reading New Appointments at SOLCe

Gems Workshops

gems workshop

Gems – precious insights lived. The Swedenborg Open Learning Centre (SOLCe) in Manchester are delighted to be able to offer a series of workshops to help you explore the deeper aspects of your life. Each workshop will include a variety of activities – insights, group sharing, use of cards, quiet time, film, and music. They … Continue reading Gems Workshops

SOLCe Spiritual Job vacancies


Swedenborg Open Learning Centre (SOLCe), Manchester Leader of Studies Spiritual Centre Leader SOLCe Leader of Studies supporting people who want to explore their vision of ministry, and responding to the individual training needs of those who want to use Swedenborg’s teachings; especially those who are called to reach out to others e.g. in ministry, leadership, … Continue reading SOLCe Spiritual Job vacancies