‘Night visit’ performance & art exhibition

Swedenborg Hall, Bloomsbury, London, Saturday 20th October 2012. Free admission.

At 7 pm, Sally Pomme Clayton will present NIGHT VISIT, funded by the Arts Council England and produced in association with the Bloomsbury Festival.

Sally Pomme Clayton is one of Britain’s leading storytellers, and Night Visit is a  multimedia performance which will represent a dazzling mix of literature and drama, history and philosophy. Sally narrates a story based on both her grandfather’s encounters with Spiritualism and Swedenborg’s accounts of visionary experience.

Night Visit will combine spoken word and archive audio recordings with live improvised sound (by Panos Ghikas) and live projections (by Fotio Begklis). Admission is free but capacity is limited. The 50 remaining tickets for this event will be available on the night, from 6pm (on the door).

Also (from 6 – 9 pm), JIM LOCKEY will present an exhibition. Jim has created three new artworks in response to Swedenborg’s theological writings, and these will be installed throughout Swedenborg House.

The narratives Jim creates within his works explore concepts of truth, storytelling and revelation; in ‘An Exegetical Study of Mundane Architecture’, Jim presents texts, placed around Swedenborg House, which claim to unearth the ‘spiritual sense’ of the building, just as Swedenborg claimed to reveal the internal sense of the Bible through his science of Correspondences. The logic within the texts is subverted by allusions to Swedenborg’s dream journal and other accounts of visionary experience. In this way Jim’s exhibition invites the viewer to experience Swedenborg House through a prism of Swedenborg’s work.

More info from nora@swedenborg.org.uk or visit http://www.bloomsburyfestival.org uk or http://www.swedenborg.org.uk

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