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Heart, Head & HandsHeart, Head & Hands is written by Stephen Russell-Lacy, the editor of Spiritual Questions ezine. It draws on the spiritual philosophy of Emanuel Swedenborg, as well as on current ideas in therapy and psychology, to throw thought-provoking light on, and help with, personal problems. The content is practical with a focus on the whole person — how one feels, thinks and behaves — the heart, head and hands of daily living.


Stephen Russell-Lacy is a clinical psychologist with over thirty years experience as a psychological therapist for people suffering a wide range of mental health problems. He is currently a tutor and course writer at the Swedenborg Open Learning Centre in Manchester and give talks at the Purley Chase Spiritual Conference Centre in Warwickshire. Both centres are in England.


You can now download Heart, Head & Hands as an ebook here at Amazon.com

You can also download it in any of several other ebook formats here

Is is also available as a paperback from Swedenborg Open Learning Centre, Well Spring House, 25 Radcliffe New Road, Radcliffe, Manchester, England. M26 1LE tel 01617662521


What Others are Saying about Heart, Head and Hands

“The book is eminently practical and is divided into chapters concerned with many of the emotional problems that can and do afflict us. The author also offers an intriguing, spiritually based approach to solving such problems.” — Editor, The Christian Parapsychologist, Autumn 2009

“We find ourselves understanding a text while feeling that, at the same time, we are liberated by just reading it. This happens in many places in the narrative. Traditionalists will love the book, as it preaches the straight and narrow with regard to doctrine, but in places it almost unconsciously breaks out into a kind of semi-restrained wildness that reminds us of Swedenborg’s own mind – rational but also inward, intuitive, deep, creative, and as our British cousins are wont to say, spot on.” — Eugine Taylor, The Messenger, Oct 2008.

“The psychology is readable and understandable; the theology is mixed and far-reaching….There is plenty that is enlightening to read about here…The author…has presented a worth-while contribution to the library of thought and personal investigation” — Gerald Bishop, Outlook No.61, 2008


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