Swedenborg – Who was he?


In the eighteenth century it was still possible to be knowledgeable in many branches of science. Thus an eminent scientist, such as Emanuel Swedenborg, was able to write books in various subjects including theoretical physics, physiology, and psychology. His scientific study was actually done in his spare time. Day job for Swedenborg Swedenborg’s day job, … Continue reading Swedenborg – Who was he?

Has Swedenborg had any influence?

The following video tells of several readers of Swedenborg’s books who have included Goethre, Blake, Emerson, Thomas Carlysle, John Ruskin, as well as the leaders of several social movements such as the antislavery cause, women’s rights, and the interfaith movement.   [youtube_sc url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QbexO5dGKq0]