Way of life – What path to follow?

way of life

Who hasn’t made big mistakes? Going down the wrong road. Choosing the wrong study course. Taking up with the wrong business partner. Moving in with, or marrying the wrong person. If your way of life is on the wrong track you may be in a bad way. Looking back on that bad choice can feel … Continue reading Way of life – What path to follow?

Does the brain fully explain consciousness?


You may wonder that if memories are chemically and electrically stored in the way neuroscience describes, does this mean that your brain is the be-all and end-all of your memory and that without your brain you would remember nothing after death?

Swedenborg on spirituality.


Who was Swedenborg? What did he teach? What did he have to say about human nature, individual development, personal choice, human destiny, innocent suffering, God, and Christ?

Drifting through life – How to stop?


There are things in all of us that we need to face up to for which we need spiritual healing. The problem is worse if we are the kind of person who isn’t used to taking the initiative. The good news is it is possible to become more assertive and proactive. This is because of our inner freedom to change. In my experience if I asked my therapy clients about the aspects of therapy that they found particularly useful, they often cite the discovery and assumption of personal responsibility. Courage to change arose when they started to act on this insight.