Bible images – How to understand?

Bible images

Sacred writing is full of story, parable, prophetic vision and poetry, much of which is rich in imagery expressing, many would say, a sublime message. For example would you accept that the creation legend and its Bible images about the world being made in seven days is really allegory and not meant to be taken … Continue reading Bible images – How to understand?

What can I learn from nature?


Nature is a wonderful thing. Individuals and governments are committed to showing more respect for the environment rather than carelessly destroying it. Concern about the sustainability of the planet and its protection is a contemporary attitude that is becoming quite common. I feel it reflects a spiritual sensitivity to the goodness of the unspoilt natural … Continue reading What can I learn from nature?

What can we learn from ancient Egypt?

Swedenborg on hieroglyphics

In the 18th century, when modern Egyptology was just beginning to be introduced to the Western world, and before even the hieroglyphics were deciphered, Emanuel Swedenborg, the Swedish scientist and a Christian mystic wrote,: “The Egyptians were in possession of religious representatives and symbolic signs. Their hieroglyphics served to denote spiritual realities: and people knew … Continue reading What can we learn from ancient Egypt?

Ancient Knowledge: Lost & Found?

Ancient people had knowledge that was lost and this is fairly obvious to most people. We only need to look at the Egyptian pyramids, Mayan pyramids, Stonehenge etc. to become aware of this. If you have an open mind in my view you can easily find out how this knowledge has been rediscovered and recorded…

Swedenborg’s ideas

For me, Swedenborg is the grandfather of today’s new spiritual consciousness. The Divine revelation he received back in the 18C is concerned with our awareness of the inner process of spiritual awakening and connecting to God. Swedenborg’s books contain a wonderland of ideas which help me to understand God, truth and the purpose of my life here.

Here are his current top 3 ideas ……