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Spiritual Wisdom Publishing
Spiritual Wisdom Publishing

Books and other materials published in the UK related to Swedenborg’s teachings are now available for purchase at this online shop. Many of these titles are not available elsewhere.


Titles include :

Apocalypse of John Card Set and 3 booklets Apocalypse card set

Presents a new way of making sense
of these visions and glimpsing their personal relevance.

nurturing the soul book Nurturing the Soul Book

Explores symbols, dreams, stories
and the process of healing.
Insights are given and tasks identified.


Personal Revelation Personal Revelation retry

Interprets the Apocalypse as a deeply
personal revelation of hidden
dynamics in the human soul
as it undergoes the transformation
called rebirth.

soulsymbolsretry2Soul Symbols

Shows how things in nature exist
because they are a reflection of a
higher reality of light and love with
which we can engage.


HHHHeart, Head & Hands

Draws links between Swedenborg’s
psycho-spiritual teachings and
current ideas in therapy and psychology

Why not visit the on-line shop to see what other materials are for sale covering a rich tapestry of New Church collateral writing.

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