The Word Unveiled – the nature of revelation

summer sceneSummer School at Wellspring House, Manchester.
26th – 27th June 2015

How do we receive spiritual insight and guidance? This summer school will enable students to explore how God provides a container of revelation that can be accessed by any person of any age. The Word as the Divine Allegory presents us with wonderful stories and yet holds within it an eternal wisdom and connection with the spiritual world and the One Life that creates all things.

Our speakers David Lomax, Alan Lewin, Phil Wood and Helen Brown will offer talks, discussion and activities to draw out the concepts and enrichment that this subject holds.

Spirit and Life in the Word

This session begins by exploring how things from the Word have inspired, supported and sustained us in our lives. Then we will look at what Swedenborg has to say about spirit and life within written revelation from the Lord.

We can then discuss how this might work on a personal and communal level.     We might consider questions such as,     ‘Is what one person thinks they are shown necessarily applicable to someone else’s life situation?’     ‘Is what we might receive/understand at one stage in our life necessarily applicable right throughout our life?

Finally how we can consider how all of the above enables us to find spirit and life that brings the experience of eternal life.

What is Truth?

Many religions claim to possess the ‘truth’; this seems to demonstrate a common human tendency to claim to be ‘right’. However Divine Truth is a living entity that grows, develops and is continually being adapted to our human limitations. This leads to the necessity for Divine revelation to be, paradoxically, both hidden and yet open. We will examine whether we all inhabit an appearance of truth and the implications of this may bring personally and collectively.

Worlds within Worlds

Swedenborg’s description of the spiritual world and his theology at times seem to be full of terms.One set of examples of this is the terms “celestial”, “spiritual” and “natural”. We will look at what these terms mean for us personally and practically, referring to Swedenborg’s explanations of both biblical material and the nature of God. These will be presented in both pictorial and tangible form to supplement written material.

Fees for the School are (includes Friday lunch and dinner and Saturday breakfast): £20 (concessions £15)


We begin at 10 am Friday, finishing at 10.30 a.m. Saturday.   Attendees are warmly invited to remain for the guest speaker at 11.00 a.m. on Saturday morning, when we will be joined by the SOLCe Council, Governors and visitors. We hope that you will also be able to attend the morning session to which we will be welcoming Richard Bittleston as our guest speaker at 11.00 a.m.  Richard will be sharing his thoughts on the subject   Mysticism and the Machine  – The relationship between spirituality and religious organisations.

A buffet lunch will be provided and the SOLCe AGM will take place in the afternoon.  This is an open meeting which will close at 4.15 p.m.

Some accommodation is available at Wellspring House or we can provide details of suitable accommodation nearby.

Please book by contacting our Administrator, Melanie by phone or email
Tel:0161 766 2521

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