Four Horsemen
Four Horsemen Card

A workshop using the recently published Apocalypse Card Set.
·     Enter the exciting world of the biblical Apocalypse.
·     Discover the mysteries revealed in the breaking open of the seal of the Book of Life.
·     Ride the winds of change with the four horsemen, and rejoice in the collapse of the evil city Babylon.
·     Be amazed at how John’s Apocalypse mirrors the more disturbing events in your inner life, enabling you to understand their purpose.
·     Feel the welcoming light of the HolyCity, and take in the healing energies of the River and Tree of Life.

Purley Chase Centre, Warwickshire
6 March 2015 at 4:00 pm – 8 March 2015 at 2:00 pm

Several short presentations will provide general background and context to the bizarre and confusing sequence of John’s visions in this last book of the Bible, and will include their relevance for our spiritual life in today’s world.
There will be sharing in small groups in which the Apocalypse cards will be used to help us reflect on our own spiritual journey.

Leaders:  the members of the Apocalypse Study Group
Clifford Curry, Mary Duckworth, Bruce Jarvis and Michael Stanley

£108 En-suite, £88 Standard accommodation including all meals.

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