How is life for you?

logooecd_enDo you have meaningful social connections so that you get pleasure from spending time with people?

How satisfied are you with your life as a whole?

The How’s Life? report by the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) is concerned with 11 aspects of well-being including social connection and life satisfaction across 36 countries.

Social connection

People were asked to what extent they had relatives and friends they could count on. Social connections can generate shared values-such as trust in others and norms of reciprocity. Across OECD countries around 90% of people report having someone to count on in time of need. Social support networks appear to be weakest in Turkey, Mexico, career and Greece and strongest in Iceland, Ireland, the United Kingdom and Switzerland.

Life satisfaction

Another thing estimated was people’s subjective satisfaction with their life as a whole. They were asked to rate their current life relative to the best possible life and also to the worst possible life for them. People in Switzerland, Norway, Iceland, Sweden, Denmark and the Netherlands report the highest levels of life satisfaction. By way of contrast, people in Hungary, Portugal and Greece report the lowest levels of life satisfaction. East Asian countries for example Japan and Korea tend to report a lower level of life satisfaction than might otherwise be expected given their economic development, while Latin American countries, for example Chile, Brazil and Mexico, show a higher level of life satisfaction than might otherwise be expected.

The report also includes data on jobs, health, education.etc.

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