Give and you will receive

Spiritual questions
St John’s Kirkheaton

Richard Steel, a vicar from Huddersfield,  gave out a ten pound note to each of  45 members of his congregation. They were asked to use the capital to raise needed money.  Speculate to accumulate?  Or is it a case of Christ’s message that if you give then it will be given back to you. Any way it worked. The cash was used by people to raise £10,000.  The youngest was aged 7 and the oldest into their 70’s.

Gill Jolly said “It’s been great just to see the range of creativity within the church family and the number of different ideas people have come up with and people have done some really fantastic things. It’s been great.” Like eleven year old Lucy who used the money to turn her own photos of her dad’s work, school, post office etc into attractive greetings cards she then sold.

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