Taize Style Music Weekend

Taize singingFriday 01 March 2013 – 19:00 to Sunday 03 March 2013 – 14:00
Purley Chase Centre Warwickshire: Leaders Marion Curry & Bruce Jarvis

The focus at the Taizé Community in France, is gathering together 3 times each day for prayer. As people from differing Christian backgrounds and countries are drawn there, they find that the shared experience of singing together in harmony in a prayerful way brings wholeness and unity. It touches something within the individual at a profound level.

Although unable to re-create the atmosphere and surroundings at Taizé exactly, Marion wishes to share some of her experience of staying there by following a similar daily ‘programme’ at this Purley weekend. The sung chants are deliberately simple and easy to learn, and those coming can choose to sing either the melody or a harmonising part, or alternate between them.

Holy Spirit, you come to kindle a glimmer of light within us. Even if it is quite dim, it is enough to sustain the desire for God in our hearts. (Prayer by Brother Roger of Taizé)

Who is it for?
For anyone who wishes to connect with God; in particular through singing. No singing expertise is required. Taiz? is about community in harmony – it is for everyone.

About the leaders
Marion Curry has enjoyed being a choral singer all her life, and music is a special and essential element of corporate worship for her.  In order to participate with others in harmony, whether it be for music, discussion, relationships, dance, work or play, she loves to encourage people to develop an ability to listen.  She enjoys sharing with people from differing spiritual backgrounds and particularly likes the ecumenical basis of the Taizé experience.

Recently retired from full-time work as a minister, Bruce Jarvis is now adjusting to a new phase of life.  Before ordination, he was a teacher, specialising in music education, and since entering pastoral work has continued this interest in various spheres.  His interests in spirituality are broad, and are particularly focused on how knowledge and principles can lead us into deeper and more contented ways of living.

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