New year — fresh start

fresh startThe New Year gives us so many opportunities to do things in a fresh frame of mind and for many people it provides the necessary point to give up what they feel is a bad habit or to try and take up a new and better way of living. The thing with January 1st is we can really take a hold of the idea a fresh start can go from here.

What we could do with is the ability to really use every day as being a fresh start, to literally take our life and activities on a day by day basis.

After all a common problem is that after a few days some of our well intentioned plans have already been broken and instead of being uplifted and positive it is easy to feel disappointed and downhearted and that we are already failing in some way.

The enthusiasm for making the most of January 1st ought to be there just as much for January 9th, January 26th and for every other day of the year.

Our ideal is to use every day to do good in the little bit of the world we can reach.  Every day we can take action, be useful and be productive or creative in some way. Every single day is a new and fresh opportunity so the fact the date may not be ‘special’ in some way doesn’t really matter – although of course it can be a big help to set a target date and work with that.

The Jewish tradition sees a day as beginning in the evening. We tend to consider the day begins as we wake up, or possibly at midnight, but in fact we can really begin our calculation at any time at all.

It isn’t just any day which can be the point we do something good, it can also be any time of that day. We have a calendar and clocks which give a structure to our life, but the way we use our time is very much down to us.

New beginnings happen all the time, it is up to us to see the opportunities and to take them as they arrive, not wait for a ‘better’ day. Do what comes to hand today and then see what tomorrow provides in its turn.

Based on material by Christine Bank

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