Carer’s Prayer

When I have a grumpy day
It’s only fair I have to say,
The grumpiness that people see,
Is not the real me,
It’s only my way of trying to say,
I am tired, fed up,
I feel unloved,
And just a drudge.

Sometimes it seems that they just don’t care,
No-one listens to what I have to say,
When help is needed they look the other way,
Tears of frustrationis is order of the day,
Anger and guilt is never far away,
You’re expected to cope,
When you want to run away.

So when you see my temper frayed,
Doors are banged and shouts are made,
A hug is what I really need,
Someone to talk to, a friendly face,
One who’se been there,
And stood in my place.

And when I have calmed down over a nice cup of tea,
I am back to my old self,
The real nice me.

Copyright 2010 Anita Turner

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