The Passing

Society says we are supposed to grieve when someone dies but it is not always the case. I was with my grandmother the day before she died at the age of 89, but my experience was a wonderful one. It was as though the veil between worlds had been lifted and I was privileged to experience the joy that was waiting for her.

Yet other people I have talked to, who have had similar experiences, have been filled with guilt, and ashamed to tell anyone because they believed you should conform to society’s expectations and feel sad and cry. But if you are privieged to experience the joy — well that is okay too.

It has been said we come into this world with nothing and go out with nothing. But that’s not exactly true, because we come into this world with our empty suitace and yet hopefully we leave with it full of spiritual treasures that we have ourselves filled along life’s journey.

Copyright 2011 Anita Turner

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