Weekend Event: Journey through the Spiritual World

Have you got a hazy picture about what happens when we die? Or perhaps you have some knowledge about what Swedenborg reports about the after-life but realise there are definite gaps in your understanding that you wish to be filled. Or perhaps you are sceptical and have a few doubts about the plausibility of things beyond the grave.

This is the next in our annual series of weekends that aim to engage the interest and participation of those attending whilst covering some profound ideas.

What Swedenborg wrote about his contact with spirits is not always easy to digest and so we all need help from others to gain a hold that we can be comfortable with. After all it took him many years of direct experience to gain his picture of the spiritual world. Most of us can only grasp it second hand from what we read and hear from others. Yet the knowledge Swedenborg passes on to us is rarely short of fascinating and at times, what has been revealed is truly astonishing.

We will be looking at the nature and structure of the spiritual world, the progress that can be made within it, and its relevance to our experience of life on earth.

Amongst the issues to be addressed will be:

What happend after you die?

Are things seen in the spiritual world as real as on earth?

What happens to babies and children who die?

Do social groupings survive into the after life?

Is the near death experience a look inot the spiritual world?

About The Leaders

David Gaffney is the Programme Director at Purley Chase Centre and has been making music since he learnt to play the guitar at 17. Having had careers both in the construction industry and as a teacher he now takes immense pleasure from sharing his understanding of universal spiritual ideas with others, particularly those gems found in the writings of Swedenborg.

Stephen Russell-Lacy is a psychologist who has worked for many years as a psychotherapist for the National Health Service. He is also an experienced worship leader, recognised by the New Church. With both of these hats on, he is interested in applying his experience and in-depth knowledge of Swedenborg to resolve issues that most of us face in our daily lives.

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