The Trouble With Me!

The trouble with me is I’m always to know;
I’m in everything I do and I’m everywhere I go.
I’m there when I wake, I’m there when I sleep;
I’m there when I laugh and I’m there when I weep.

I’m in what I make, I’m in what I see;
I’m there when I speak; there is no getting away from me.
Where is my hope in the scheme of things
when all I can eat is what misery brings

Where can I go and to where can I flee,
to whom can I turn to escape from me.
To whom can I turn to set me free
From this my greatest enemy who just won’t let us be.

Heavenly Father my rest is to know,
that You too are with me wherever I go
You are there when I wake and there when I sleep
You are there when I laugh and You’re there when I weep

You’re in what I make and You’re in what I see
You’re there when I speak and You’re stronger than me
You are my hope in the scheme of things
You are who feeds me what happiness brings

I fall down before You bowed at Your feat
The whole of my being admitting defeat
Thank You Lord for helping me see

That I should love You and forget about me.

Copyright 2011 Jack Dunnion

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