Swedenborg’s God

Swedenborg’s writings are a deep and rich treasure trove of spiritual insights into human nature, spiritual development and the constant presence of the Divine who is always loving, creating and providing for the created. To gain anything of real value the searcher is drawn and challenged to understand deep concepts. But an openness to be changed in the process brings an understanding within the heart, which is a deeper knowing than that of intellect alone.

Here we discover a God whose love cannot be measured by our experience of human love that is often conditional and inconstant. God cannot stop loving and doing everything to engage with each individual in a loving relationship. It does not matter who we are, or what we have done, we are always beloved by our Creator. This love which is Divine, is God’s essence, and is a creative love, a force or energy that is always focused on us as the created. This is the source of all the creative impulses, insights and caring actions that we see in others and experience ourselves. God’s face is always turned towards us; it is we who turn away.

Love is also our deepest nature or essence; our life force is love, our highest and deepest motivations arise from this divine love as we receive it in our own unique way. We begin life from this loving and wise source and our quest is to return, freely to be in loving connection with all that is truly alive. This journey to return is long and tortuous, and we need truths to guide our steps in life. These can show us how much we need love in our lives and how we need to awaken spiritually to choose to leave our self-centred life to live in loving and wise connection with all others.

Copyright 2010 Helen Brown

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