Usefulness: Discussion Weekend

Friday 18 February 2011 – 19:00 to Sunday 20 February 2011 – 15:30 Purley Chase Centre

Living in the moment is to be truly alive. This state of mind comes not from pursuing our own agendas but rather from feeling we are playing our small part in the greater scheme of things. Paradoxically the more we give then the more we will receive. Through doing something useful we reach outside of ourselves and see through our life into all life. For there is a higher spirit of participation and usefulness which gives a sense of energy and purpose that cannot be found from only self-orientated behaviour. 

Being allowed to get on and do something according to one’s own ability and individual interest, may be  fulfilling, But people ask ‘What use am I’. ‘What have I got to offer?’ Finding our special usefulness requires both sensitive exploration and good judgment. During the weekend we will be addressing these questions in several ways in terms of Swedenborg’s writings.    More Details

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