Despair – How to conjure up hope?


On an off day, Stuart would privately think that life had little to offer him and he even sometimes felt that all he was doing was going through the motions of living. Money was tight, and in a time of recession there were poor prospects of job advancement. Although working as an estate agent, he … Continue reading Despair – How to conjure up hope?

Low self-esteem – Due to unfair self-judgment?

low self-esteem

Some people are more comfortable providing help to others than they are receiving it for themselves. Perhaps your first instinct is to decline some help? It may be you suffer from low self-esteem because you judge yourself as undeserving of any nice things. Not everyone likes to be in the limelight. But do you feel … Continue reading Low self-esteem – Due to unfair self-judgment?

I hate life – How can I feel better?

I hate life

There’s a lot about life I rather dislike e.g. crime, bad parenting, shoddy goods in the shops, bad-tempered colleagues, dishonest politicians, and the list goes on and on. I bet at some point we all have wanted to blame misfortune, fate, or life itself for not giving us what we think we need. Feeling disgruntled … Continue reading I hate life – How can I feel better?

Say to yourself something different.

say to yourself

We have private thoughts at the back of the mind all the time. Often these are unnoticed yet they have a profound affect on our feelings. Cognitive therapy shows that negative and fear-laden laden thoughts add to depression and anxiety. The trouble with this approach is that often our inner thoughts are so well hidden … Continue reading Say to yourself something different.

Are you asking the right questions?

Spiritual healing

So there might be some questions that don’t seem to get the answer you want. Why aren’t you giving me better stuff? Why don’t you give me what I want? Why aren’t you making my life easier? But how is this helping you grow? Find out more by watching this eye catching and attractive short … Continue reading Are you asking the right questions?

Putting things off – Why do I do it?

Putting things off

I decided to write about the topic of putting things off. Yes, you’ve guessed right – I couldn’t get started, and kept delaying until the deadline almost passed me by. Of course I blamed this on ‘writers’ block’. Then I remembered what Bill Watterson wrote: “You can’t just turn on creativity like a faucet. You … Continue reading Putting things off – Why do I do it?

Generous — How can I be more like this?


I suppose it takes one to know one, but I admit giving my money away does not come easy to me. It never seems to occur to me to buy an unplanned gift for someone to mark a special occasion. Some of us are a bit stingy and penny-pinching whereas others seem to be naturally … Continue reading Generous — How can I be more like this?

How to approach death?

There is a cliché which says that there are only two things of which we can be certain in this life, that we are born and that we will die. Yet death is an aspect of life with which it is perhaps difficult to feel at ease. There may be many reasons for that, and … Continue reading How to approach death?

Old age – How can one be happy?

old age

Many people are afraid of old age. They fear the loneliness of isolation, the unattractiveness of wrinkles and sagging skin, or the impairment of infirmity.  But according to psychologist Marie de Hennezel, old age is an attitude of mind. She suggests it can be a period of contentment, and happiness that comes with letting go of … Continue reading Old age – How can one be happy?

Unwanted thoughts – How to be rid of them?

unwanted thoughts

I must wash my hands repeatedly. Such an idea or mental picture may pop into your head unasked. Such ideas are unwanted if they are repetitive, unpleasant or difficult to resist. In addition to compulsive acts, they can exacerbate jealousy, temptation, or unreasonable guilt. Swedenborg’s account of unconscious inflow from a spirit realm can give the sufferer some confidence that unwanted thoughts can be ignored and got rid of.