What is life like in a spirit world?


Emanuel Swedenborg writes about his inner consciousness of what he calls the  World of Spirits – described as a realm for meeting people who we know, and getting used to a body that is ours and familiar but possibly more capable and better functioning than the one we left fairly recently. However, according to this … Continue reading What is life like in a spirit world?

What happens after I die?


Death is something no-one seems happy to talk about even though it is an inevitable part of life. At some point each human body will cease to function, will stop being able to support life and it will be said to have died. And that word ‘death’ is the one people shy away from for … Continue reading What happens after I die?

Where do dreams come from?


What’s up with dreams? Who writes the scripts for these things–and why? This is just a short and snappy little taste of the insights Swedenborg recorded into the spiritual influences on our dream-life. Takes a bit swallowing if you’re not used to his approach but definitely worthy of further investigation.

Proof of God — Is this possible?

Proof of God

In these days of science, unless we can be certain about something, we do rather tend to remain sceptical. For example how many people believe in fairies, UFOs, or ghosts? Likewise without proof of God some people are non-religious. The book Proof of Heaven describes alleged experiences of the afterlife. Best selling author Dr Eben … Continue reading Proof of God — Is this possible?

Victims of unsolved crime — Getting justice?


Violence in a neighbourhood makes victims and other residents uneasy or anxious about going out, especially at night. A feeling of safety is a critical factor in a community’s quality of life. Knowing that a mugger, who is prepared to do harm, is still at large, creates community concern. In the UK, less than 1 … Continue reading Victims of unsolved crime — Getting justice?

What Are Heaven and Hell?

heaven and hell

Are Heaven and Hell real places? Are they states of mind? Are they just fabrications created by religious organizations? This is Emanuel Swedenborg’s take on it from offTheLeftEye Most of the material for this video was pulled from his book Heaven and Hell. You can download it for free here if you want more context … Continue reading What Are Heaven and Hell?

What is the destiny of very bad people?

Bad people

Very bad people have always been with us. In many mythological and religious traditions, hell is a place of judgment i.e. endless torture and punishment for bad conduct during life on earth. But these days, hell has got a big problem and, like the idea of evil, isn’t much talked about outside religious circles. Although … Continue reading What is the destiny of very bad people?

What are Swedenborg’s main spiritual principles?


There is a Divine Creative Source whose essence is unconditional Love and Wisdom. This Divine Source shows itself through humanity as a Universal Spirit. The human mind can be perceived symbolically in the world of Nature. Outward appearances are often illusory, veiling a deeper spiritual reality. We are spiritual as well as physical beings and … Continue reading What are Swedenborg’s main spiritual principles?

Swedenborg – Who was he?


In the eighteenth century it was still possible to be knowledgeable in many branches of science. Thus an eminent scientist, such as Emanuel Swedenborg, was able to write books in various subjects including theoretical physics, physiology, and psychology. His scientific study was actually done in his spare time. Day job for Swedenborg Swedenborg’s day job, … Continue reading Swedenborg – Who was he?