Music – A higher revelation


“ Music is a higher revelation than all wisdom and philosophy.” (Beethoven) Music has always been important to me, something I’ve valued beyond words because words could never express my feelings adequately enough. Whether classical or jazz whether gospel or blues, music has always been with me to celebrate and inform my journey through this life. … Continue reading Music – A higher revelation

In the Stillness of the Mind

Workshop – In the Stillness of the Mind 10th – 12th February 2017 Purley Chase, Warwickshire Is there a mystical dimension to human life? The mystical thread has always been present throughout the centuries, and is a universal response that lies at the heart of each religious tradition. How do we enter into this dimension … Continue reading In the Stillness of the Mind

True self – How to attain it?

true self

People often think that human beings are inherently good. And that personal development simply involves getting in touch with one’s true self. In addition, they see this true self as the potential within us all for being truly good. A life, filled with compassion, joy and peace, defines the true design of each individual. However, … Continue reading True self – How to attain it?

Snob – What’s so bad about being one?


I’m afraid I am a bit of a snob. My wife pointed out to me that I put on airs in the way I give my postal address. I live in England on the border of beautiful countryside and industrial conurbation. I snootily choose to use the shire county rather than the metropolitan county as … Continue reading Snob – What’s so bad about being one?