Swedenborg’s Lunars

lunars lecture

Swedenborg’s Lunars | Swedenborg Birthday Lecture 2015 Professor Simon Schaffer Saturday 24 January 2015 | Swedenborg Hall, 20-21 Bloomsbury Way, London WC1A 2TH | Doors open and refreshments from 4.00 pm | Lecture starts at 4.30 pm. FREE ADMISSION, BUT BOOK IN ADVANCE! Although not widely known, Swedenborg spent many years trying to establish a … Continue reading Swedenborg’s Lunars

Afterlife – Could you believe deep down?


If you don’t believe in a human soul or in an afterlife, how would you respond if I asked you to sign a contract to sell your soul to me for £2? Many people these days are sceptical of the notion that consciousness can survive the death of the brain. Modern science points out that … Continue reading Afterlife – Could you believe deep down?

Self-Centered Behaviour – Can I Change?


Seeing yourself as others see you can be disquieting. Your friends and relatives, who know you reasonably well, sometimes react badly when you have a negative impact on them. Like when, without realising it, you happen to act in a self-centered way. Taking more than one’s share of food and drink, telling someone else’s story … Continue reading Self-Centered Behaviour – Can I Change?