What is truth and how can it help me?

what is truth

 It is so easy to feel limited by the circumstances of life – lack of job opportunity, inadequate housing, illness, or relationship difficulties in one’s private life. Who hasn’t experienced one or more of these things? Or knows someone who does? If you feel burdened in this way, you will be less free to feel … Continue reading What is truth and how can it help me?

Christian meditation group

christian meditation group

Following our recent Introduction to Christian Meditation we’re pleased to welcome you to our ongoing Christian meditation group. We follow the pattern laid down by Benedictine monk, John Main. Every Tuesday at 7pm. Led by the Wellspring House Team. Cost: £3 Venue: Wellspring House North Manchester Please book in advance for all workshops and courses … Continue reading Christian meditation group

Weekly reading group


Spiritual Classics: The Monday Reading Group Welcome to our weekly reading group, ‘Spiritual Classics’. What makes a spiritual classic? How are ancient writings relevant to our 21st world? Whether it’s Rumi or Meister Eckhart, Swedenborg or Julian of Norwich, we’ll be digging deep into some great books. The series starts with Thomas Kelly’s wonderful ‘Testament … Continue reading Weekly reading group

Bible stories – mythical nonsense?


You may have tried reading Bible stories only to find them out of date and irrelevant to today. Even if you have struggled to understand any meaning, you may have given up on them as mythical nonsense. However, according to spiritual philosopher Emanuel Swedenborg, what makes the Bible worth reading is a deeper meaning in … Continue reading Bible stories – mythical nonsense?