Patience – how to find it?


Had some of the less successful dualists of Europe three centuries ago been less impetuous, they might have a lived a longer life. The role of men acting as their seconds was to urge them to have some patience in resolving their dispute and to wait a while longer before starting the violence. Often such … Continue reading Patience – how to find it?

Utopianism and Town Planning


Talks & Readings | Ken Worpole The Light of the World, the City, the Society on a Hill Thursday 27 November 2014 | Doors open and refreshments from 6.30 pm | Lecture starts 7.00 pm | Swedenborg Hall, 20-21 Bloomsbury Way, London WC1A 2TH | FREE ADMISSION, BUT BOOK IN ADVANCE!  Please book your seat in … Continue reading Utopianism and Town Planning

Father – is he uniquely important?


Traditionally, the father has been the bread-winner for the family. These days, however, many women have well-paid jobs in the professions and business. The two sexes are said to be equal, and the ‘new man’ as a father is supposed to reduce his time at work so as to be as actively involved as the … Continue reading Father – is he uniquely important?