IS – How to see Islamic State fighters?


Self-named IS (Islamic State) fighters partly formed out of al-Qaeda in 2013. They were responsible for a humanitarian crisis: an estimated 1.2 million terrified and homeless Iraqis, having fled from them to the mountains, were exposed to soaring heat, often without anything to eat or drink. Most Muslims are completely blameless. But the extremists behave … Continue reading IS – How to see Islamic State fighters?

Aura – Why can’t I see mine?


In religious art a halo around a human head depicts spirituality. This may be because it is what some people have actually seen.  In some forms of spiritual practice, an aura is thought to be a luminous field of energy extending a little distance from each living thing. Some healers say that colour in someone’s … Continue reading Aura – Why can’t I see mine?

Soul – Does my pet have one?


Our pets are loyal and affectionate members of our family and we don’t ever want to be parted from them. Lucy a beautiful black cat has lived with us for seventeen years and is nearing the end of her days. To ask ‘Do animals have a soul?’ implies that you do believe in the soul … Continue reading Soul – Does my pet have one?

Apocalypse of John Launch


Launch Event for Apocalypse of John Card Set Comprising 64 cards, 2 Handbooks, Games Booklet and 24 A6 full colour illustrations An opportunity to hear from the group that created this innovative way of engaging with the biblical Apocalypse or book of Revelation. Thursday 18th September 11.00 am till 4.00pm Swedenborg Hall 20, Bloomsbury Way … Continue reading Apocalypse of John Launch

The amazing human spirit


Dawn Faizey Webster when aged 30 had a stroke that left her paralysed in almost all the muscles of the body apart from eyes. She was unable to speak. When aged 38 however she embarked on a degree in ancient history working on a laptop that translates her eye movements into text writing no more … Continue reading The amazing human spirit

Addiction – A form of spiritual slavery?


Addiction means that when you crave something, you engage in habitual self-destructive activity driven by obsessive thought. This happens in drug dependency, alcoholism, compulsive gambling, and compulsive eating. We can extend this idea to include any activity that we have repeatedly failed to eliminate from our lives and that is detrimental to inner well-being – … Continue reading Addiction – A form of spiritual slavery?

Resentful – How can I stop this feeling?


I suppose it is natural for us to feel resentful when others demean us, frustrate us or do us harm. I feel resentful about how Sharon spoke to me. Not what she said, but how she said it – shouting and slamming the phone down. It’s not as if this were a one-off: there have … Continue reading Resentful – How can I stop this feeling?

SOLCe Week of Peace Events


WEEK OF PEACE 17 – 24th SEPT 2014 A whole week of activities including Open House, Peace Circle Dancing, Peace Mala and Lantern-making Workshops, Peace Market Day, Lantern Walk, Mindfulness and Meditation Wellspring House home of the The Swedenborg Open Learning Centre (SOLCe) 25 Radcliffe New Rd, Radcliffe, Manchester, M26 1LE Tel: 0161 766 2521 … Continue reading SOLCe Week of Peace Events