Food for the soul – How does it nourish me?

food for the soul

Do you sometimes feel you lack something you feel you need? It may be a more satisfying job, bigger house for a growing family, or a better car. However, you may also feel you lack something less definable, something you can’t easily put your finger on but which may be an answer to your troubles: … Continue reading Food for the soul – How does it nourish me?

Inspiring example of volunteers


In article in the Telegraph newspaper Martin Lewis points out that over 15 million people in Britain volunteer at least once a month to help others in society. Requests to form a new charity are currently flowing into the offices of the Charity Commission at an average rate of 30 every single day. Volunteers tackle … Continue reading Inspiring example of volunteers

Spiritual but not religious – Good or bad?


Some school governors in Birmingham England have been accused of attempting to impose and promote a narrow faith-based ideology in secular schools. Should we be encouraging spiritual rather than religious education? What does spiritual mean? The word spiritual is something to do with individual issues of human identity and personal development: hence seeking the sacred … Continue reading Spiritual but not religious – Good or bad?

Discovering Trust and Inner Peace


Workshop: Thurs 10th July 2014 1pm – 4pm Swedenborg Open Learning Centre, Manchester With a focus on the stories of physical healings in the gospels, we can perceive a deeper realisation that it is the Divine who can heal our attitudes, fears and doubts. It is Divine Love which heals us and makes us whole. … Continue reading Discovering Trust and Inner Peace

Gender – Are there deep differences?


When the women’s movement spoke up for the value of women it rebelled against the traditional gender stereotypes and proclaimed equality between the sexes. It quite rightly opposed any idea of male superiority and female subservience. Some fear that any talk of gender is only a short step from women being different to being inferior … Continue reading Gender – Are there deep differences?