Suffering – Is it really good for the character?


Almost on a daily basis we watch television news and hear about civil war, terrorist activity, or political oppression going on in some part of the world. Atrocities cause immense human suffering whether it be due to the loss of home, community or livelihood, the sudden grief of family bereavement, or a state of terror … Continue reading Suffering – Is it really good for the character?

Spiritual Workshop & Ceremony of Light

candle of light

Walking the Angel Way workshop 1pm – 4pm Ceremony of Light 7pm – 8pm Thurs 12th December 2013 Swedenborg Open Learning Centre (SOLCe) 25 Radcliffe New Rd, Radcliffe, Manchester, M26 1LE Tel:0161 766 2521 WALKING THE ANGEL WAY 1pm – 4pm Led by Helen Newton, Explore and share thoughts and experiences of who and what … Continue reading Spiritual Workshop & Ceremony of Light

Swedenborg International Short Film Festival 2013


29 November 2013 | Swedenborg Hall, 20-21 Bloomsbury Way, London WC1A 2TH, UK SHORTLISTED AND INVITED SCREENINGS, 6.30-9 pm The Swedenborg Society is pleased to announce the line-up for its 2013 International Short Film Festival. Featuring films of 30 mins or less, the Swedenborg Short Film Festival will showcase the latest new and established talent … Continue reading Swedenborg International Short Film Festival 2013

Inspiration — How can I get inspired?


Sports fans are enthralled when they happen to witness something special – a great solo run, a penetrating pass, or a brilliant shot at goal from a seemingly impossible angle. The player has had an inspired moment which takes your breath away. Brilliant insight can also take place in science, like when Archimedes jumped from … Continue reading Inspiration — How can I get inspired?

New Appointments at SOLCe


We at SOLCe are delighted about the appointment of Helen Brown as Leader of Education.   We value highly the personal qualities and skills which she brings to SOLCe.  Helen’s role most closely relates to the traditional role of Principal.  She will be employed for 15 hours per week and will need to focus her attention … Continue reading New Appointments at SOLCe

Gems Workshops

gems workshop

Gems – precious insights lived. The Swedenborg Open Learning Centre (SOLCe) in Manchester are delighted to be able to offer a series of workshops to help you explore the deeper aspects of your life. Each workshop will include a variety of activities – insights, group sharing, use of cards, quiet time, film, and music. They … Continue reading Gems Workshops

Psychiatric illness

Harvard Medical School

David Rosmarin Harvard Medical School talking about his study of 159 patients said: “Our work suggests that people with a moderate to high level of belief in a higher power do significantly better in short-term psychiatric treatment than those without, regardless of their religious affiliation. Belief was associated with not only improved psychological wellbeing, but … Continue reading Psychiatric illness

Temptation – Giving in to it – So what?


Who hasn’t at one time or another felt cross with him or herself for acting on some urge of the moment, giving in to temptation to do something which was enjoyed at the time but which later causes regret? Perhaps it was overeating and now you are fearful of looking fat and becoming unhealthy: or … Continue reading Temptation – Giving in to it – So what?

Suicide – can it be a rational option?


It is not uncommon for people with only a mild degree of depression to have thoughts of suicide. Although the majority take this no further, the process of thinking about harming oneself may make one more vulnerable to actually doing so. Suicide of Gary Speed From time to time, you might secretly wonder if ending … Continue reading Suicide – can it be a rational option?