Soul of a person – How to understand?


If the human soul is something spiritual can we not understand it in terms of science? Although the derivation of the word ‘psychology’ literally means study of the soul, science has failed to pinpoint the location of the soul in the body and contemporary psychology is now defined as the study of mental processes and … Continue reading Soul of a person – How to understand?

Egyptian Mysteries Uncovered.

Egyptian hieroglyphics

Weekend residential course Purley Chase Centre, Warwickshire, England. Friday 15 November 2013 – 16:00 until Sunday 17 November 2013 – 14:00 Few things are more mysterious, stirring and wanting investigation than the mysteries of Ancient Egypt. Great pyramids, imposing structures, avenues of statues most of which are somehow distantly familiar but yet nonsensical. Sphinxes, intricate … Continue reading Egyptian Mysteries Uncovered.

Proof of God — Is this possible?

Proof of God

In these days of science, unless we can be certain about something, we do rather tend to remain sceptical. For example how many people believe in fairies, UFOs, or ghosts? Likewise without proof of God some people are non-religious. The book Proof of Heaven describes alleged experiences of the afterlife. Best selling author Dr Eben … Continue reading Proof of God — Is this possible?

Nature — How should we value it?


People need to economically make use of the world of nature by hunting for fish, growing crops, felling trees, and quarrying and mining for minerals etc. Humanity cannot survive unless food is eaten and shelter is built. Yet, in recent decades we have come to realise the insidious damage to ecosystems due to industrialisation, extraction … Continue reading Nature — How should we value it?

Ethical funds outperform mainstream investments

ethical growth

Ethical and sustainable investments have performed 6% better than non-ethical funds Ethical and sustainable investment funds have performed better over the last year than their non-ethical counterparts, new research shows. According to research by independent comparison website, the average ethical fund has posted gains of 24% over the 12 months to August 2013, compared … Continue reading Ethical funds outperform mainstream investments

Victims of unsolved crime — Getting justice?


Violence in a neighbourhood makes victims and other residents uneasy or anxious about going out, especially at night. A feeling of safety is a critical factor in a community’s quality of life. Knowing that a mugger, who is prepared to do harm, is still at large, creates community concern. In the UK, less than 1 … Continue reading Victims of unsolved crime — Getting justice?