What Are Heaven and Hell?

heaven and hell

Are Heaven and Hell real places? Are they states of mind? Are they just fabrications created by religious organizations? This is Emanuel Swedenborg’s take on it from offTheLeftEye Most of the material for this video was pulled from his book Heaven and Hell. You can download it for free here if you want more context … Continue reading What Are Heaven and Hell?

Are we a victim of circumstance?

victim of circumstance

Do you believe you are a victim of circumstance? This attitude can develop when you feel out of control of your life? That events and the situations around you  dictate how you feel. That your appetites or fears are in charge of you rather than you being in charge of them. That you are not … Continue reading Are we a victim of circumstance?

8 ways to live mindfully

Live mindfully

Here are 8 ways to live mindfully. 1. Be aware of your surroundings. Whilst you’re walking, standing or sitting, be aware of the nature,  people and architecture that surrounds you. 2. Set aside a time each day to sit still and focus on your breathing. When thoughts arise, try to simply view thoughts as thoughts, … Continue reading 8 ways to live mindfully

What is the meaning of food for you?

meaning of food

The meaning of food varies from person to person. Like religion and politics, food can be topic of conversation not easily mentioned in a social context. It can touch on some raw emotions whether you happen to mention junk food, meat-eating, the long food chain, child malnutrition, factory farming, or genetically engineered crops. In his … Continue reading What is the meaning of food for you?

Spiritual Growth Weekend

Purley Chase

A weekend of talks, sharing in groups, space to reflect and enjoy nature in the lovely grounds. Leader :Helen Brown Friday 06 September 2013 – 19:00 to Sunday 08 September 2013 – 14:00 Purley Chase Centre, Warwickshire This is an opportunity to discover our inner spiritual path from a superficial and self-limited spiritual existence to … Continue reading Spiritual Growth Weekend

I can’t help how I feel — can I?

How I feel

Do you ever say to yourself  “I can’t help how I feel.” Part of the humour of the long running radio show Just a Minute is the mocking of its chairman Nicholas Parsons. When panellist Graham Norton was given the topic ‘Freudian slips’ he talked about ‘man love’ revealing his ‘gruntaffilic attraction to Parsons’ and … Continue reading I can’t help how I feel — can I?

EDL protest at York mosque

A young member of York mosque displays his message. Photograph: Ann Czernik

In the wake of the butchering to death of a soldier in London, supporters of the English Defense League organised a demonstration outside a York Mosque. The group nailed a St George’s flag to the wooden fence in front of the building. Reports indicate that the death of Lee Rigby has unleashed a lot of … Continue reading EDL protest at York mosque

What is the destiny of very bad people?

Bad people

Very bad people have always been with us. In many mythological and religious traditions, hell is a place of judgment i.e. endless torture and punishment for bad conduct during life on earth. But these days, hell has got a big problem and, like the idea of evil, isn’t much talked about outside religious circles. Although … Continue reading What is the destiny of very bad people?