How bad a person am I?

How bad am I

You may feel undeserving of any happy destiny because you are fundamentally not okay with yourself. Well, for all I know you might well be consumed by a huge ego, be selfish, vain, bitchy, resentful, etc.  But I would like to ask how do we really know when we are basically bad? That would be … Continue reading How bad a person am I?

Journeying Home


Sacred Circle Dance Weekend :  Purley Chase Centre, Warwickshire, England Friday 07 June 2013 – 17:00 to Sunday 09 June 2013 – 14:00 This is a weekend of sacred dance.  We intend to use circle dances around lighted candle to illustrate and to reflect upon our theme. A home is a perfect dwelling place shared … Continue reading Journeying Home

How do I find meaning and purpose for my life?

Meaning and purpose

A meaning and purpose for one’s life can be hard to find. According to legend, a prince was deeply agitated. He couldn’t make sense of the human affliction he witnessed outside the palace where he had led a sheltered life. His father the king had surrounded the boy with every worldly pleasure and kept him … Continue reading How do I find meaning and purpose for my life?

The Grand Theme

Grand Theme

BOOK LAUNCH Anders Hallengren | The Grand Theme & Other Essays (Swedenborg Society, 2013) On 27 June 2013, 7.00 pm | Swedenborg Hall, 20-21 Bloomsbury Way, London WC1A 2TH The Swedenborg Society will launch The Grand Theme and Other Essays (Swedenborg Society, 2013), a new book by our esteemed President, Anders Hallengren. THE GRAND THEME … Continue reading The Grand Theme

How good a parent am I?


Many a parent wonders how good they are at the job. According to the Chief Inspector of Schools, David Bell, many parents fail to impose proper discipline in the home and simply put children in front of the television rather than talk and play with them. Many studies have described a bad parent as being … Continue reading How good a parent am I?

Is free-market capitalism unethical?

Free-market capitalism

When things go badly wrong in the world of commerce, we ask about the ethics of free-market capitalism. Dangerous cracks had been spotted in the walls of the Rana Plaza building. This is a factory complex in Bangladesh. However, managers have ordered staff to continue working making clothes for lucrative export to the West. Now … Continue reading Is free-market capitalism unethical?

SOLCe Spiritual Job vacancies


Swedenborg Open Learning Centre (SOLCe), Manchester Leader of Studies Spiritual Centre Leader SOLCe Leader of Studies supporting people who want to explore their vision of ministry, and responding to the individual training needs of those who want to use Swedenborg’s teachings; especially those who are called to reach out to others e.g. in ministry, leadership, … Continue reading SOLCe Spiritual Job vacancies

How positive are the press?

ethics of journalism

Do you feel fed up by all the negative news reporting you hear through the media? Martyn Lewis (former BBC news presenter), says that constantly covering bad news is lazy journalism and amounts to ignoring the good things that happen around us on a regular basis. This is not an attempt to discredit or argue … Continue reading How positive are the press?