Cynical or too trusting? Where is a happy medium?

Not cynical

In the fairy tale The Adventures of Pinocchio, the title character is the opposite of cynical. He is a gullible puppet who is repeatedly duped by other characters. Part of his transformation, into a human being, is learning to avoid becoming too trusting, while still exercising empathy. A popular test of gullibility is to tell … Continue reading Cynical or too trusting? Where is a happy medium?

What are Swedenborg’s main spiritual principles?


There is a Divine Creative Source whose essence is unconditional Love and Wisdom. This Divine Source shows itself through humanity as a Universal Spirit. The human mind can be perceived symbolically in the world of Nature. Outward appearances are often illusory, veiling a deeper spiritual reality. We are spiritual as well as physical beings and … Continue reading What are Swedenborg’s main spiritual principles?

The mystic with the oceanic mind

Anders Hallengren

Swedenborg Birthday Meeting 2013 | Saturday 26 January | 4 pm Featuring a talk by Anders Hallengren: ‘Emanuel Swedenborg: The Mystic with the Oceanic Mind’ The annual Swedenborg Birthday Meeting will take place on Saturday 26 January 2013. The event will feature a talk by Anders Hallengren and the launch of three volumes in the … Continue reading The mystic with the oceanic mind

Religious education – What should children learn?

religious education

Ask parents what is deeply important for their children to learn in life and they will often say things like being a decent human being, having meaningful relationships, leaving the world a better place, and being freed from personal hang-ups. How can children be helped to form their own personal and spiritual goals? Religious education … Continue reading Religious education – What should children learn?

Let’s play ‘What if…?’


Hey let’s play ‘What if..?’ You might say that’s a stupid thing for adults to do but then if you are clicking on internet videos perhaps you’ve got a little time to kill. I’ll go first. What if love grew? What if altruism seeded and took the steering wheel in people’s minds? All of human … Continue reading Let’s play ‘What if…?’

Son of God — How to make sense of Christ’s claim?

Son of God

A basic teaching of Christianity is that there is only one God but in three distinct divine persons, the Father, the Son of God and the Holy Spirit: each said to be God. Many Christian theologians themselves admit they have found it impossible to come up with a persuasive and rational explanation for three Gods … Continue reading Son of God — How to make sense of Christ’s claim?

Discovering the Christ-spirit


Becoming aware of a deeper experience of life and our inner spiritual journey brings a realisation that this transcends our everyday existence. It stops us in our tracks, making us reflect on life and its meaning. An inner light comes into being deep within that draws us in a new direction. This spiritual awakening and … Continue reading Discovering the Christ-spirit

“No Cancer” he said

“Well” the consultant said, “There is no sign of cancer”, Just like that out of the blue, no one had said any thing. For scans and tests to someone with a bad chest Are normal things. No one said “Now Worry” I am glad now that I did not know, I was spared the Scary … Continue reading “No Cancer” he said

What’s it all about, Alfie?


Dionne Warwick sings What’s it all about, Alfie? The song asks : “What’s it all about, Alfie? Is it just for the moment we live? What’s it all about when you sort it out, Alfie?” Why the words of resonate The music has a great melody but the words also resonate if you happen to … Continue reading What’s it all about, Alfie?

New year — fresh start

fresh start

The New Year gives us so many opportunities to do things in a fresh frame of mind and for many people it provides the necessary point to give up what they feel is a bad habit or to try and take up a new and better way of living. The thing with January 1st is … Continue reading New year — fresh start