What was the mystical knowledge of Ancient Egypt?

meaning of mystical knowledge

The Egyptian artist was never a literalist, but used symbols to represent inner concepts. He was free to combine human and animal parts, yet show the resulting image in a ‘seamless harmony’. A simple example of this is shown in Egyptian grammar. To write the single personal pronoun ‘I’ the writer would draw a human … Continue reading What was the mystical knowledge of Ancient Egypt?

Prolonging life — How far should we go?

Prolonging life

When you are young prolonging life seems a great idea. But when you get old things seem a bit different. Emily aged 85 went into hospital. Her home is a nursing care home. She cannot support her own weight and needs a hoist and wheelchair to get her to the toilet and dining room. She … Continue reading Prolonging life — How far should we go?

A personal God for thinking about

Personal God

Many people believe there is a higher spiritual energy they call God that transcends the mundane material world. This for them is not a personal God but rather a higher power that ensures there is order in nature the laws of which can be discovered by science. Idea of a personal God Another view is … Continue reading A personal God for thinking about

What can plants teach us?

Spiritual lessons in plants

The closer we look at the structure of even ‘simple’ plants the more we can begin to see of the way each petal or leaf is formed in a particular shape, has colours, layers and textures which suit it perfectly. Florists work with this variety to create their arrangements; a garden designer applies their knowledge … Continue reading What can plants teach us?

Swedenborg International Short Film Festival 2012

Festival screenings: Friday 30 November 2012 | 6 – 9 pm | Swedenborg Hall Admission to the festival is free but capacity is limited. Advance booking is highly recommended via nora@swedenborg.org.uk. Selected submissions (listed below) will be screened to a public audience at Swedenborg Hall, ‘one of London’s most atmospheric venues’ (The Guardian); at the … Continue reading Swedenborg International Short Film Festival 2012

The frustrations of email

The frustrations of email! I’m trying to get a message to someone and it is coming back – not because of anything I’ve done wrong but because their mailbox is full. Until things clear down there is no room for new messages to get through, so they are returned to the sender. At least this … Continue reading The frustrations of email

To go to heaven do I have to be religious?

Go to heaven

When it comes to the question of whether you will go to heaven, like Woody Allen, you might want to keep your options open. “I don’t believe in an afterlife, although I am bringing a change of underwear.” (Woody Allen) And you may wonder if there really is a heaven, is religion of any relevance? … Continue reading To go to heaven do I have to be religious?

Fantasy: Dead again

For years after the death of my best friend and spiritual guide, I would dream about him being alive again. We would talk but I never got the chance or courage to ask him where he had been. So this is a fantasy extension of that dream. “The dream came back and you my best … Continue reading Fantasy: Dead again

Swedenborg – Who was he?


In the eighteenth century it was still possible to be knowledgeable in many branches of science. Thus an eminent scientist, such as Emanuel Swedenborg, was able to write books in various subjects including theoretical physics, physiology, and psychology. His scientific study was actually done in his spare time. Day job for Swedenborg Swedenborg’s day job, … Continue reading Swedenborg – Who was he?

Beliefs of ancient Egypt about death?

ancient Egypt

The ancient Egypt Book of the Dead is a collection of funerary instructions placed in coffins and sarcophagi in order to prepare the soul of the deceased for the afterlife and judgment. The scenes are dramatically presented in pictures and words.  A Swedenborgian view, of how natural things correspond to spiritual matters, suggests that the … Continue reading Beliefs of ancient Egypt about death?