Aren’t Bible stories irrelevant today?

This entertaining video is a bit different. It shows how the Old Testament Joseph and his brothers can actually influence our own everyday choices! We can hear what the Joseph story can say to us. It seems who the brothers personify are not just of interest to children but to all age groups. [youtube_sc url=] … Continue reading Aren’t Bible stories irrelevant today?

What can we learn from ancient Egypt?

Swedenborg on hieroglyphics

In the 18th century, when modern Egyptology was just beginning to be introduced to the Western world, and before even the hieroglyphics were deciphered, Emanuel Swedenborg, the Swedish scientist and a Christian mystic wrote,: “The Egyptians were in possession of religious representatives and symbolic signs. Their hieroglyphics served to denote spiritual realities: and people knew … Continue reading What can we learn from ancient Egypt?

Aid working for children

Child deaths across the world have nearly halved in the last twenty years. So says a new report from Unicef a part of the United Nations. The dreadful figure of 12 million under fives who died in 1990 was reduced to 7 million last year. Sadly rates remain high in Saharan north Africa where one … Continue reading Aid working for children

Quo Vadis

Recently some friends of mine took a four day trip to Paris to mark their 28th wedding anniversary. So far so normal, but they both have iPhones and one has an iPad and this resulted in their being able to share their trip with all their friend’s real and unreal on Face Book. Every few … Continue reading Quo Vadis

Are myths anything more than superstitious beliefs?

Today we are discovering or, to be more exact, rediscovering that the inner and outer worlds of our experience are closely related to each other. What we see in the images and experiences of the outer world is in some sense dependent on what elements are currently active within our psyche. In that way outer … Continue reading Are myths anything more than superstitious beliefs?

Who am I?

Who am I

John: Who am I? Where do I come from and where am I going? Sally: What do you mean by asking “Who am I?” Don’t you know? You haven’t had a knock on the head or something and got amnesia? You are John. The bloke who works at the bank and plays rugby on Sunday … Continue reading Who am I?

TV or not TV?

In this year’s Edinburgh Festival’s Fringe Comedy Joke Contest, this joke came fourth. “You know you are working class in modern Britain if your TV set is bigger than your bookcase.” Well, I smiled lightly and then it struck me that this was not a just a joke but actual reality. Not long ago I … Continue reading TV or not TV?

Inconsistencies in the Bible – Why?

inconsistencies in the Bible

Don’t many people, who have given up on the Christian churches, just see inconsistencies in the Bible? Maybe. But the footballer Darren Bent doesn’t mind. He reads the Bible every day before he gets up and finds this has helped him cope with missing out on England’s Euro 2012 squad through injury. What makes this … Continue reading Inconsistencies in the Bible – Why?