Do I get my way too often?

get my way

Okay so you seldom shout at your teenage son to keep his bedroom tidy. In fact you don’t voice explosive anger, never mind verbal abuse or a threat of violence to get your own way. But perhaps without even realising it, do you sometimes use less obvious methods of manipulation?

Do your attempts at influencing others amount to trying to make them think, act, or feel the way you do? How do you assess the way you manage other people in your life? Do you get your own way too often?


Weekend Workshop 16.00 Friday 25/5/12 to 14.00 Sunday 27/5/12 Purley Chase Centre This workshop is for those who wish to understand their partners, friends and family better and to grow in closer harmony with them. We all differ in many areas of our lives: in how we communicate, our thinking patterns, feelings, emotions, love, values, priorities and spirituality. Relationships within … Continue reading Relationships

Men and women – Do they have different needs?

men and women

When the women’s movement spoke up for the value of women it rebelled against the traditional gender stereotypes and proclaimed equality between the sexes. It quite rightly opposed any idea of male superiority and female subservience. However this idea of equality has also led to a minimising and even denial of any basic differences between the sexes.

Consciousness – Can science explain it?

With advances in brain scanning equipment, neuroscience can now observe human consciousness — seeing what the brain is doing when the person is aware of remembering, imagining, feeling, thinking and even making choices. Before the invention of this technology, it had been well known that when a brain is damaged, then the mind doesn’t work so … Continue reading Consciousness – Can science explain it?

A World Full of Millionaires

If everyone was a millionaire the world would grind to a halt. Why tend the fields, to grow the crops, to feed the people, when I have all that money. Why dig the coal, to light fire, to bake the bread, when I have all that money. Why pick the cotton, to weave the cloth, … Continue reading A World Full of Millionaires

Honesty – Is it really the best policy?


A lot of us have grown careless in what we say. “It wasn’t my fault we lost the game, I didn’t hear the whistle.” or “I was pushed over and my foot hurt.” Who has never made up an excuse to stop feeling embarrassed? This covering up may seem harmless enough but over time a … Continue reading Honesty – Is it really the best policy?

Discontent – Why do I have this?


Brian Moore the former English rugby international player sees something of discontent in himself. What he wanted was success. And he pushed himself really hard over and over again to do well. He now recognises that whether it be in sport, business or whatever field you are in, if you are too driven you can … Continue reading Discontent – Why do I have this?