Aborigines: What can they teach us?


It has been suggested that the Australian Aborigine is primitive and uneducated; an animist who uses ritual to win the favour of the spirits controlling food, shelter, and fertility and to ward off malevolent spirits. Despite what sounds to the western mind as believing in superstition, these semi-nomads have shown enormous intelligence by hunting and foraging for food, and thus surviving, in extreme conditions of the arid bush-land and desert wastes for over 30,000 years.

And so the question arises whether there is anything of value in their way of life which can benefit us all today?

How does my guardian angel help me?

According one theory, angel guardians connect with you and influence your thinking. This fascinating brief video (produced by spiritualwisdom.org.uk) shows how this might happen in the ordinary circumstances of our everday lives.

Guardian angel – Do I have one?

guardian angel

It would be nice to believe there is someone like a guardian angel watching over you protecting  against harm. But the sceptic will soon say this is just wishful thinking. Fairy godmothers are for children’s fairy tales like Cinderella and not for educated adults. Warnings claimed to come from a guardian angel On the other … Continue reading Guardian angel – Do I have one?

Healing presence – How to have this?

Healing presence

One of the conditions of effective counselling according to Carl Rogers is unconditional acceptance. Not judging others. Some people believe that unconditional acceptance can be a healing factor also in ordinary interactions of everyday life. For them this would involve practising forgiveness when someone hurts you, and giving encouragement to those who fail to show good behavior, and even not criticising those who do wrong.

But just how realistic is this approach?

Remnants Exhibition

Exhibition | 23 February 2012 | 6 – 9 pm | Swedenborg House | Free Admission The Swedenborg Society presents REMNANTS, an exhibition throughout Swedenborg House, showcasing objects from the extraordinary Swedenborg archive. This event is organized in conjunction with the launch of the Swedenborg library online catalogue and is curated by Jan Evans, with … Continue reading Remnants Exhibition

Ethical parking control?

Want to do what you think is right despite what your boss tells you? Are you willing to risk losing your job for your principles? Traffic warden Hakim Berkani tried to issue parking tickets in London’s Kensington and Chelsea only as a last resort. He was sacked for not complying with a secret quota system for … Continue reading Ethical parking control?

Evidence of life after death – Is there any?

evidence of life after death

We have all heard about so-called communications purportedly from a spirit world through mediums. However, less well known are those where no medium is involved. These have been called ‘after death communications’ (ADCs) and might  be seen as evidence of life after death. An ADC is defined as a spiritual experience that occurs when someone … Continue reading Evidence of life after death – Is there any?

Follow experience or scripture?

How do you know what to believe? What ideals to follow? Is it what makes sense, or what others tell you, or what you have experienced and felt? Or is it what holy scripture says? Dr Jonathen Rose tackles this issue in this short video from Outer Streams. [youtube_sc url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZijNGxBLSFY]